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Hi. Would appreciate it it you could drop by at [[en:talk:Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort]] and help sort out the question of Ro'''s'''a versus Ro'''z'''a. Is there anything about this name that might be controversial? Thank you, [[Foydalanuvchi:Wbm1058|Wbm1058]] ([[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Wbm1058|munozara]]) 19:59, 1 fevral 2014 (UTC)
== Request for username change : Hosiryuhosi -> Rxy ==
Hello. Could you please change my username?
* Current username: [[User:Hosiryuhosi|Hosiryuhosi]]
* Target username: [[User:Rxy|Rxy]]
* Reason: I want to change my current username to short username at WMF wikis globally. Note: Global account "[[Special:CentralAuth/Rxy|Rxy]]" is my account ([[w:ja:Special:PermaLink/41067254|confirm]]). I'm sorry for request to here. I can't find request page. Thanks. --[[Foydalanuvchi:Hosiryuhosi|Hosiryuhosi]] ([[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Hosiryuhosi|munozara]]) 19:01, 8 mart 2014 (UTC)

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