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Thanks for your help and if you want to get any text translated into Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese or Ido, do not hesitate to ask me. --[[Foydalanuvchi:Katxis|Katxis]] ([[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Katxis|munozara]]) 07:09, 5-Oktabr 2015 (UTC)
== Wikipedia Asian Month update ==
Hi Ochilov
After nearly three months of preparation, Wikipedia Asian Month will start in a few days. Here are some changes and action items that need to be done in the next few days before the event starts:
* As we discussed on meta, if the article is a list, it will not count. However, on the English Wikipedia, the [ rules have been changed] so that a list that is promoted to a Featured List will be counted. Other Wikipedias that also have Featured Lists (BN, BA, FA, KO, HI, ID, JA, RU, UK, UR and ZH) are invited to consider and add this rule.
* There will be two CentralNotice banners used during the event. Please translate these into your language. It should take a maximum of 3 minutes. '''[ One is for Ongoing]''', '''[ another is for ending]'''. It will generate huge impact!
*: If you have any question regarding the banner in your language Wikipedia, free feel to leave a message [[:m:User talk:AddisWang|on meta]].
* Any Asian topic will be counted. Topics do not have to be about geopgraphy. You can make [ a clear statement] so that participants understand this.
* For smaller communities, it is okay to reduce the standard from 3500 bytes and 300 words. I will suggest no lower than 2500 Bytes and 200 words. Please report this change on [[:m:Talk:Wikipedia Asian Month|meta]].
* I will make a short video demo about how to use the judging tool. This should be done no later than November 10. I would recommend organizers not start judging articles before that if you plan to use the judging tool.
* Ask some Wikipedians in your community to assist you if you are the only organizer. Tell them most work has already been done. There is only a little work for being an organizer from this point forward.
* For any questions or thought about Wikipedia Asian Month, you can leave a message [[:m:Talk:Wikipedia Asian Month|here]]. I'm monitoring this page 12 hours everyday.
Thank you! Sent by [[:m:User:AddisWang|User:AddisWang]].
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