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I found another typo for the bot to fix (39 instances) "kursatgan" should be "koʻrsatgan". Thanks. --[[Foydalanuvchi:PlanespotterA320|PlanespotterA320]] ([[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:PlanespotterA320|munozara]]) 17:51, 1-Avgust 2018 (UTC)
== A couple helpful explanations of suffixes, etc ==
{{ping|Edgars2007}} Ok, I probably long owe you an explanation of "abbreviations and suffixes 101".
* "lar" makes a word plural. So for example, "universitet" is singular for university, "universitetlar" is "universities". Not found after a word like Yanvar (january).
* the suffix "i" (which if in a plural word is after "lar", as "lari"; or as "si" if following a vowel, ex provisiya''si'') It basically is "of"; The Uzbek name for Uzbekistan Airways is ''Oʻzbekiston havo yoʻllari'', basically Uzbekistan-Airways-of.
Most articles from Uzbek Wikipedia are from O'zME, which is basically a shorter version of the really old Uzbek Soviet Encyclopedia but with even more abbreviations, and the occasional update (population figures are a from the 1990's), with a once-in-a-while "literature" (Adabiyot) section of an article listing slightly more recent books in Uzbek for further reading. A few years ago all the articles from it were transferred to the wiki by a bot. The page-scanner that digitized the encyclopedia didn't guess every letter correctly so letters that look similar in Cyrillic (like q and k, h and x), which is what it was written in, were occasionally switched. Sometimes a dash or space would appear in a place were there shouldn't be one, like in ("a. lar") and it took a while to compile a full list of abbreviations (some abbreviations are a lot more common than others). Having a text full of abbreviations and typos is kinda hard to read and less encyclopedic, and becomes like more like deciphering a text than reading an encyclopedia. I really look forward to seeing your bot take care of all the abbreviations and typos, and wish you the best of luck at your wikipedia projects. Thank you, --[[Foydalanuvchi:PlanespotterA320|PlanespotterA320]] ([[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:PlanespotterA320|munozara]]) 20:23, 2-Avgust 2018 (UTC)
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