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k (Nataev Yulduzlar jangi (film) sahifasini Yulduzlar jangiga koʻchirdi)
Tahrir izohi yoʻq
{{Film bilgiqutisi
| nomi = Yulduzlar jangi
| asl_nomi = <!-- as per WP:COMMONNAME and consensus, please do not insert the episode number here; the later re-titling of the film is discussed in the article body --> Star Wars
| tasvir = StarWarsMoviePoster1977.jpg
| alt = Film poster showing Luke Skywalker triumphantly waving a lightsaber in the air, Princess Leia sitting beside him, and R2-D2 and C-3PO staring at them. A figure of the head of Darth Vader and the Death Star with several starships heading towards it are shown in the background. Atop the image is the text "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." Below is shown the film's logo, above the credits and the production details.
| izoh = Teatr posteri (Tom Jung tomonidan)
| director = [[George Lucas]]
| producer = [[Gary Kurtz]]
| cinematography = [[Gilbert Taylor]]
| editing = {{Plain list|
* [[Paul Hirsch]]
* [[Marcia Lucas]]
* [[Richard Chew]]
| budget = $11 million<ref name="BOM"/><ref name="Budget">{{cite web|url=http://io9.gizmodo.com/5875998/behold-the-1977-budget-breakdown-for-star-wars|title=Behold, the 1977 budget breakdown for Star Wars|author=Cyriaque Lamar|work=[[io9]]|date=January 13, 2012|accessdate=March 3, 2016}}</ref>
| gross = $775.4 million<ref name="BOM"/>
}}'''''Yulduzlar jangi''''' (boshqa nomi '''''Yulduzlar jangi: Epizod IV – Yangi Umid''''') 1977-yil [[Amerika]]ning distributor [[20th Century Fox]] kinokompaniyasi tomonidan ishlangan, ''Yulduzlar jangi'' trilogiyasiga oid [[Filmfilm|epik opera film]].
* {{Official website|https://starwars.com/films/}}
* {{Official website|https://lucasfilm.com/}}
[[Turkum:1977-yil filmlari]]
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