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Salom, Vikichizar! [[Vikipediya:Forum/Qoidalar#Administratorlikka nomzod qo‘yishda ovoz berish tartibini oʻzgartirish|Forum]]da ovoz berishda qatnashing. [[Foydalanuvchi:Malikxan|<font color="green">Malikxan</font>]] <b><sup><small><span style="color:#90F">[[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Malikxan|munozara]]</span></small></sup></b> 11:19, 19-Avgust 2019 (UTC)
:{{Bajarildi}}. [[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Vikichizar|<span style="text-shadow:gray 3px 3px 2px;"><font face="AR Cena" color="purple"><b>VikichizaR</b></font></span>]] 15:47, 23-Avgust 2019 (UTC)
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