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| muharrir = [[Nick Fletcher]]
| studiya = [[DreamWorks Animation]]<ref name=afi>{{Web manbasi
|url=|title=Shrek Forever After|work=[[AFI Catalog of Feature Films]]|accessdate=June 12,-iyun 2017-yil}}</ref>
| distributor = [[Paramount Pictures]]<ref name=afi/>
| chiqish = {{Film tarixi|2010|4|21|Tribeca Film Festivali|2010|5|21|AQSh}}
| til = inglizcha
| davomiyligi = 93 daqiqa<ref name=afi/>
| budjet = $135<ref>{{Yangiliklar manbasi|url=|title=UPDATE 1-'Shrek' sequel underperforms at box office|last=Goodman|first=Dean|work=[[Reuters]]|publisher=[[Thomson Reuters]]|date=May 23,-may 2010-yil|accessdate=August 16, 2010|quote="Shrek Forever After," with the voice cast including Michael Myers, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, cost about $135&nbsp;million to make. Worldwide marketing costs will be about $165&nbsp;million, Globe said.}}</ref><ref>{{Yangiliklar manbasi|last1=DiOrio|first1=Carl|title='Shrek' underwhelms but tops boxoffice|url=|accessdate=December 23,-dekabr 2014-yil|work=The Hollywood Reporter|date=May 23,-may 2010-yil|quote=Produced for an estimated $135&nbsp;million,...}}</ref>–$165<ref name="Shrek Forever After 2010">{{Web manbasi
|url=|title=Shrek Forever After (2010)|work=[[Box Office Mojo]]|publisher=[[Internet Movie Database]]|accessdate=August 22, 2010}}</ref> million
| daromad = $752.6&nbsp;million<ref name="Shrek Forever After 2010"/>
| avvalgi_film = ''[[Shrek Uchinchi]]''
}}'''''Shrek Forever After''''' (boshqa nomi '''''Shrek: The Final Chapter'''''<ref>{{Web manbasi
|last1=Sciretta|first1=Peter|title=Has Shrek Forever After Been Renamed Shrek: The Final Chapter?|url=|website=/Film|accessdate=June 22,-iyun 2017-yil}}</ref>) — 2010-yil [[Amerika]] tomonidan ishlangan [[Kompyuterli animatsiya|kompyuter-animatsion]] film.
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