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Savollaringizni shu yerda qoldirishingiz mumkin. Casual 07:14, 1 iyul 2008 (UTC).

Sorry, I don't speak O'zbek :-(Tahrirlash

I assume that "Vikiyoz" means Wikisummer, but I don't understand anything else. Could somebody please explain to me what this is about? Thank you. :-) Runningfridgesrule 19:52, 1 iyul 2008 (UTC)

Yes, it means WikiSummerTahrirlash

It's a project that consists of 2 contests: "The article of the Summer" and "The active of the Summer".

1. "The article of the Summer" is a contest that will determine the best article of the Summer. In order to be eligible for this nomination the article should be selected as a "featured article". The prize for this contest is mp4 player.

2. "The active of the Summer" will determine the user who wrote as many as "good article"s. The winner will be awarded with mp3 player.

The purpose of the project is to expand and improve the Uzbek Wiki and attract more users, especially among the students during the summer break.

Also, according to the terms of the project, the nominated articles should be created new in Uzbek Wikipedia and written only by one user, excluding the bots.

The contest will last till September 1, 2008.

General sponsor is UZINFOCOM. Asror 21:36, 1 iyul 2008 (UTC).

Thank you Asrorbek, for great translation  . Also, "VikiYoz" not only means "WikiSummer", but "WikiWrite" too. Kinda play on words. Abdullamunozara 13:28, 2 iyul 2008 (UTC)

Thank you for the translation :-)! And I must say that that really is a great play on words :-). I think it's very smart. Runningfridgesrule 20:08, 2 iyul 2008 (UTC)

„VikiYoz“ loyiha sahifasiga qaytish.