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Hi, I was a candidate for the Board of Trustees. I have written some thoughts about this at:

"m:User:John Vandenberg/WMF BoT candidature notes"

I am married to Siska Doviana.

I am a sysop on the Multilingual Wikisource, English Wikisource, Commons and the English Wikipedia, have a few contributions on enwikinews, enquote and enwikt , and minor contributions on many other -pedia and -source sub-domains.

My favourite Wikipedia article creation is ar:شركة نفط البحرين :- Despite creating it in 2009, I have no idea what it says as I can't read Arabic.(However I did use Google Translate and also googled the Arabic phrases to check for copyright violations) The fact that the Arabic article is longer than the English article about the same topic makes me smile every time. That it was expanded by Hccpr, who has only six edits, is a shining example of how the values of Wikimedia allow such strange collaborations to be used for good. However, we need to be vigilant to ensure they are not abused.

I was elected to the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee by the community twice, serving in 2009 and 2011.

I am also tswiki:User:Jayvdb, tools:~john, and botwiki:User:Jayvdb. (all 404ish now)

My email address is jayvdb(_AT_)gmail(_DOT_)com



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