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The time now is 2022-06-30 08:17 UTC (Tozalash), and there are 119,686 pages in Meta now.

Hello, I am Matttest . This is my global user page. If you want to know more about me, please go to the wikis listed below. I am no longer active on those wikis, but there are local userpages at these wikis about me.

Wikis that have my own userpage:

You may go to these wikis to see my contributions. For global contributions, see Special:CentralAuth/Matttest, I have around 3000 edits globally. I don't focus on any local projects now, but instead, reverts edits at small wikis that are harmful.

Finally, wish you have a good day on wikimedia projects!

My plans

I am currently focusing on reverting harmful edits in small Wikimedia projects where admins are not active. I will sometimes go back to my home wiki Cantonese Wikipedia, patrolling pages and improving contents, but it won't be much. Also planning to apply for global rollback rights when I have 10000 edits globally.

Me on other wikis

Local Rights

Project My User Rights
Wikipedia-logo.png Nuvola filesystems folder home.svg Cantonese (yue) Wikipedia Rollbacker
Wikipedia-logo.png Chinese (zh) Wikipedia Patroller, importer
Wikiversity-logo.svg Chinese (zh) Wikiversity Importer
Wikibooks-logo.png English (en) Wikibooks Autoreviewer
Wikipedia-logo.svg Simple English (simple) Wikipedia autoconfirmed
Wiktionary-logo.svg Cantonese (yue) Wiktionary editor
Commons-logo.svg Wikimedia Commons autoconfirmed
Wikidata-logo.svg Wikidata autoconfirmed
Wikimedia-logo.svg Meta (here) autoconfirmed

Global Rights

Wikimedia-logo.svg Global ipblock-exempt