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== Ovoz berishda ishtirok eting ==
Assalomu alaykum, [[Vikipediya:Tanlangan_maqola_nomzodlari|mana bu]] yerda yangi tanlangan maqola uchun ovoz berilyapti. Iltimos, unda oʻz ovozingiz bilan ishtirok eting. [[Foydalanuvchi:Jamshid Nurkulov|Jamshid Nurkulov]] ([[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Jamshid Nurkulov|munozara]]) 07:15, 21-Aprel 2017 (UTC)
== An article and its Wikidata item ==
Salom, [[User:Abdulla|Abdulla]]! Thank you for the Welcome message on my User talk page. I'm here as a content reviewer from the Wikidata project. I have some questions about the article '''[[Kripto ...]]''' and its Uzbek description in the Wikidata item [[:d:Q25534705]]. I want to know:
*Are the three dots in the page name acceptable in the UZ WP naming standards? If not, please move to a correct page name.
*Is the description in the Wikidata item too detailed? A brief description is required there (also label and description in English).
Kindly let me know how we can resolve these matters. Thank you! ''-- Cheers, [[Foydalanuvchi:Deborahjay|Deborahjay]] ([[Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Deborahjay|munozara]]) 19:26, 19-Oktabr 2017 (UTC)''

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