James Hugh Calum Laurie (1959-yil 11-iyunda tugʻilgan) — britaniyalik aktyor, hajviyachi, yozuvchi va musiqachi. Uch marotaba Oltin globus mukofoti va Britaniya imperiyasi ordeni sohibi. 2004-2012-yillar davomida ishlangan Fox telekompaniyasining House nomli teleserialida Doktor Gregory House rolini ijro etgan.

Xyu Lori

Laurie 2005-yilda
Asl ismi Hugh Laurie
James Hugh Calum Laurie

11-iyun 1959-yil (1959-06-11) (62 yosh)
Fuqaroligi Buyuk Britaniya bayrogʻi Birlashgan Qirollik
Kasbi Aktyor, hajviyachi, yozuvchi, musiqachi
Faoliyat yillari 1982 — yildan hozirgacha
IMDb ID 0491402

Dastlabki mashhurlikni unga britan komediyalaridagi rollari keltirgan.

2005−2006-yillarda House teleserialidagi doktor House roli uchun unga Oltin globus mukofotini oldi.

2017-yilda „Tungi maʼmur“ filmidagi ikkinchi darajali roli uchun uchinchi Oltin globus mukofotini oldi.

2007-yil 28-yanvarda Lori Drama turkumidagi eng yaxshi aktyor nominatsiyasida „Screen Actors Guild]]“ mukofotiga sazovor boʻldi .

2009-yil yanvar oyida People Choice Awards 2009 tanlovida gʻolib chiqdi.

2010-yil avgust oyida u Amerikaning drama teleserialidagi eng koʻp maosh oluvchi aktyorlar reytingida birinchi oʻrinni egalladi.

2011-yilda u Ginnesning rekordlar kitobiga eng katta auditoriyani televizor ekranlariga jalb qilgan aktyor sifatida kiritilgan.

2016-yil 25-oktabrda Hollywood Walk Of Fame xiyobonida Hugh Lauriening yulduzi oʻrnatildi.



Yil Nomi Rol
1985 Plenty Michael
1989 Strapless Colin
1992 Peter's Friends Roger Charleston
1994 Pin for the Butterfly, AA Pin for the Butterfly Uncle
1995 Sense and Sensibility Mr. Palmer
1996 101 Dalmatians Jasper
1997 Spice World Poirot
1997 Borrowers, TheThe Borrowers Police Officer Oliver Steady
1997 Place of Lions, TheThe Place of Lions Steve Harris
1998 Man in the Iron Mask, TheThe Man in the Iron Mask Pierre
1998 Cousin Bette Baron Hector Hulot
1999 Blackadder: Back & Forth Viscount George Bufton-Tufton / Georgius
1999 Stuart Little Mr. Frederick Little
2000 Maybe Baby Sam Bell
2001 Girl from Rio Raymond Woods
2001 Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows Vincente Minnelli
2002 Stuart Little 2 Mr. Frederick Little
2003 Young Visiter, TheThe Young Visiter Lord Bernard Clark
2004 Flight of the Phoenix Ian
2005 Big Empty, TheThe Big Empty Doctor
2008 Street Kings Captain James Biggs
2011 Oranges, TheThe Oranges David Walling
2012 Mr. Pip Mr. Watts[1]
2015 Tomorrowland David Nix
2018 Holmes & Watson Mycroft Holmes
2019 The Personal History of David Copperfield Mr. Dick


Yil Nomi Rol Izoh
1981 Cellar Tapes, TheThe Cellar Tapes Various characters Writer
1982 Nothing to Worry About!, There'sThere's Nothing to Worry About!
1983 Alfresco
Crystal Cube, TheThe Crystal Cube
1984 Young Ones, TheThe Young Ones Lord Monty Episode: „Bambi“
1985 Letters from a Bomber Pilot Pilot Officer Bob Hodgson
1985 Mrs. Capper’s Birthday Bobby
1985 Happy Families Jim
1986 Blackadder II Simon Partridge Episode: „Beer“
1986 Blackadder II Prince Ludwig the Indestructible Episode: „Chains“
1987 Filthy Rich & Catflap NʼBend
1987 Blackadder the Third George, Prince of Wales, The Prince Regent
1988 Blackadder's Christmas Carol Prince George
1989 Blackadder Goes Forth Lt. the Honourable George Colhurst St. Barleigh
1989 New Statesman, TheThe New Statesman Waiter
1989-1995 Bit of Fry & Laurie, AA Bit of Fry & Laurie Various Characters Writer
1990-1993 Jeeves and Wooster Bertie Wooster
1993 All or Nothing at All Leo Hopkins 3 episodes
1996 Tracey Takes On... Timothy Bugge 3 episodes
1998 Friends Gentleman on the Plane Episode: „The One with Ross’s Wedding (Part 2)“
1998 Bill, TheThe Bill Defence Counsel Episode: „Good Faith: Part 1“
1999 The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything French Ambassador Sketch: Treaty of Westphalia
2000 Randall and Hopkirk Dr. Lawyer Episode: „Mental Apparition Disorder“
2002 Strange Case of Penny Allison, TheThe Strange Case of Penny Allison Various Characters
2002 Spooks Jools Siviter
2003 Fortysomething Paul Slippery Directed three episodes
2004 Fire Engine Fred
2004-2012 House Dr. Gregory House Lead role, also directed episodes „Lockdown“ and „The C-Word“
2006 Saturday Night Live Host Episode: „Hugh Laurie/Beck“
2008 Saturday Night Live Host Episode: „Hugh Laurie/Kanye West“
2011 Later... with Jools Holland Himself Guest performance/interview
2015-2019 Veep[2] Sen. Tom James 20 episodes
2016 The Night Manager Richard Onslow Roper Miniseries
2016-2017 Chance[3] Dr. Eldon Chance 20 episodes
2019 Catch-22 Major de Coverley Main cast
2020 Avenue 5 Ryan Clark Main cast


Yil Nomi Rol Izoh
1993-1995 Legends of Treasure Island, TheThe Legends of Treasure Island Squire Trelawney Voice role
1995 The Snow Queen Peeps Voice role
1996 The Snow Queen's Revenge Peeps Voice role
1997 Ugly Duckling, TheThe Ugly Duckling Tarquin Voice role
2000 Preston Pig Mr. Wolf Voice role
2000 Carnivale Cenzo Voice role
2001, 2010 Family Guy Bar Patron, Dr. Gregory House, Himself Voice role
Episodes: „One If by Clam, Two If by Sea“, „Business Guy“
2001 Discovering the Real World of Harry Potter Narrator Voice role
2001 Second Star to the Left: A Christmas Tale Archie Voice role
2003 Stuart Little Frederick Little Voice role
2005 Valiant Wing Commander Gutsy Voice role
2005 Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild Frederick Little Voice role, Direct-to-video
2009 Monsters vs. Aliens Dr. Cockroach Voice role
Nominated — Annie Award for Voice Acting in a Feature Production
2009 B.O.B’s Big Break Dr. Cockroach Voice role
Short film
2009 Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space Dr. Cockroach Voice role
2010 Simpsons, TheThe Simpsons Roger Voice role
Episode: „Treehouse of Horror XXI“
2011 Hop Mr. Bunny Voice role
2011 Arthur Christmas Steve Voice role
TBA The Canterville Ghost The Grim Reaper Voice role (pre-production)

Hujjatli filmlarTahrirlash

Yil Film Rol Izohlar
2010 Fry and Laurie Reunited Himself Hujjatli
2011 Down by the River Himself Hujjatli
2013 Copper Bottom Blues Himself Hujjatli

Video oʻyinlarTahrirlash

Yil Nom Rol Izohlar
2014 LittleBigPlanet 3 Newton[4] Voice


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